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Have any Pictures from Lake Neatahwanta you'd like to share with the page? Please send them to:

 The Past..

Lake Neatahwanta has always been a cherished resource to the community; the 683-acre lake is home to various recreational activities that families have been enjoying for years. On the lake is North Bay Campground which has a 3,000-seat auditorium for sporting events and dances, a pavilion for roller-skating and a domed carousel. However over the past few decades accumulated sediment on the bottom of the lake has limited it recreational use and attractiveness.

That can all change with help and support from you!

The Future!!

The City of Fulton in cooperation with the Fulton Community Revitalization Corporation (FCRC) will undertake a comprehensive restoration project to make our lake community friendly again. This process includes a DEC project approval and oversight of a systematic hydraulic dredging schedule that will remove layers of sediment- and rapidly improve water clarity. 


 Frequently Asked Questions


What is the length of the project?

Dredging is expected to begin in July 2013 and every following summer from July-October for the next 3-5 years.

What happens to the sediment once it is removed?

The sediment is pumped into large, porous plastic tubes on shore from which the water drains and returns to the lake. The dewatered nutrient-rich soil in the tubes can be sold for farming and all the revenue would be returned to lake reclamation.

Will the lake stay "clean" after the dredging is completed?

Yes, however the addition of sediment into a lake is a natural occurrence in any body of water. Leaves, plant life, erosion, wind and the natural aquatic life cycle contributes to sediment buildup. By owning our own dredge, these issues can be controlled before they cause the harm to the lake we are experiencing now.

What happens after the project is complete?

Our community and future generations will have access to a lake they can be proud of. Ideally, in addition to the lake's recreational appeal, it will be more conductive to potential economic development opportunities.



Your Support Will Make The Difference.

To contribute, contact:

Fulton Community Revitalization Cooperation

125 W. Broadway

Fulton, NY13069

(315) 593-7166


     Mayor Ronald L. Woodward, Sr.

Fulton Municipal Building

141 S. First Street

Fulton, NY13069

(315) 592-7330


Lake Neatahwanta Revitilization Updates